Sandalwood celebrities send warm wishes to fans for 2018

01 January 2018     Comments  

Sandalwood celebrities like Ramesh Aravind:,Chiranjeevi Sarja, Harshika Poonacha and more celebs send warm wishes for 2018.

Here are New Year 2018 wishes from other celebrities.

Ramesh Aravind: "If you want 2018 to be best year of your life easiest way is to be the best version of yourself. Happy New Year "

Chiranjeevi Sarja: "ಹೊಸ ವರ್ಷದ ಹಾರ್ಧಿಕ ಶುಭಾಶಯಗಳು‌.. Happy new year 2018 "

Harshika Poonacha: "Hey guys, A Very Very Happy and Prosperous N E W Y E A R2018 ❤️❤️❤️ Wishing you all from my most… "

HariPrriya: Happy New year 2018 people ❤️ Welcome me to this insta world 😬 This is my only Instagram account ☺️

Pavanwadeyar: "Happy New year. 2018😉 "

Akul Balaji: "Wishing u all a very happynewyear 2018..have a fabulous year... maldivesislands newyear2018… "

Nikita thukral: "Happy new year have a blessed year ahead with good health and wealth tweethearts..😘💝😀 "

Prajwal Devaraj: "Happy new year! Never stop dreaming and working towards the dream.. god bless!! "

Amulya: "Happy new year ❤️ "

Madhu Daithota: "Happy new year, everyone. May we all have a blessed 2018. "

Preetham Gubbi: "Wishing u all a very Happy New year....shine on johnnyjohnnyyespapa "

Meghana Raj: "Happy new year! Yet another chance at rectifying past mistakes and restarting in a betta way! Stay amazing all! "

Ajai Rao: "Wishing All a Super Year 2018 "

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