Sandalwood Celebrities Condolences To Sridevi

25 February 2018     Comments  

Sandalwood Celebrities Condolences To Sridevi

Sandalwood Celebrities like Chiranjeevi Sarja, Imran Sardhariya, Nidhi Subbaiah and Shilpa Ganesh expressed their condolences on the passing away of well-known actor SriDevi.

Imran Sardhariya: "A unique n timeless beauty,dignified soul Sridevi mam...U will b remembered FOREVER in our hearts..... "

Chiranjeevi Sarja : "U always remain in our hearts ma’am... My condolences to the entire family and friends R I P_ Sridevi "

Nidhi Subbaiah: "Saddened .. RIP you legend.. Sridevi ♥️ "

Shilpa Ganesh: "Unbelievable😌RIP "

Archanna Guptaa: "Shocking! We lost a precious star 🌠 R I P Sridevi Ma'am "

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