Nirup Bhandari and the Ghost Story

21 February 2018     Comments  

Nirup Bhandari seems to have enjoyed filming "Rajaratham" directed by his brother Anup Bhandari who has blended a beautiful story line with technical excellence which brings back many memories of Nirup's college days

Nirup and his friends were frequent visitors to the Haunted House in Chamundi Hills, Mysuru taking the midnight drives to try and see ghosts which many had reported to have seen. Nirup's old Esteem Car took time to start & was always kept running so that they could make a quick getaway. Nirup remembered a prank that he played on his friends during one such visits, "I turned the Car lights off, followed by the engine and pretended as if the car wouldn’t start and scared the shit out of all of them!".

A similar incident occured during the shoot when Srivatsa refused to believe that Nirup and Anup would light a cracker hanging out of his back pocket that one can see in the College Days song that was released by "Rajaratham" team. Nirup added, "After I lit the cracker, my focus was to make sure I kick it out of his back pocket and put the fire out. Once I accomplished that, I looked up to see Srivatsa shivering in fear and disbelief".

One interesting info we would like to share about your fave star is that Nirup was never ragged in college except by Anup's friends! "It was fun filming the ragging scenes, where seniors throw basketball at us and I am made to carry buckets for my seniors. I remember getting hit hard in the face, on my nose and abdomen during take", said Nirup.

Rajaratham is a rom-com flick produced and distributed overseas by Jollyhits, which will see a Grand release on Mar 23rd worldwide.

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